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Undergraduate/Undeclared Academic Advising & Approval


For EAP:

1. Review How to Get Credit.

2. Required: Undergraduate/Undeclared students must meet with an Undergraduate/Undeclared Academic Counselor after being selected for EAP participation.  Once you know the courses that will be offered during the term(s) that you will be abroad, make an appointment to meet with an Undergraduate/Undeclared Academic Advisor.  Bring to the appointment descriptions of the courses you plan to take while abroad. The advisor will help you determine which courses are likely to meet degree requirements.  Call 949-824-6987 to make an appointment.

Optional:  Undergraduate/Undeclared students may meet with an Undergraduate/Undeclared Academic Counselor sooner, as needed, for advising.

3. While on EAP, if course availability requires that you change your schedule, feel free to Ask An Advisor which other courses are likely to count toward degree requirements.

4. Upon return from EAP, contact an Undergraduate/Undeclared Academic Counselor about the process to petition the EAP courses for credit toward requirements. Be sure to save course syllabi, projects, assignments, papers, portfolio, etc. as they may be required.

For UC Summer Abroad Programs

Meet with an Academic Counselor in the School of your major to determine the procedure to follow if you would like UC Summer Abroad courses to fulfill UCI degree requirements.


For IOP Programs

Complete the on-line IOP Credit Contract, available at the UCI Study Abroad Center, once you have chosen an IOP program. This is required if you would like IOP courses to fulfill UCI degree requirements, receive units, and/or receive financial aid. Allow 4-8 weeks for this process to be completed.


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