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Public Health Science & Policy Majors Study Abroad


Why study Public Health abroad?

"Public health practice is essentially a global activity cutting across geographical and international boundaries. There is possibly no more sophisticated opportunity to address transboundary health issues than that presented by the Education Abroad Program (EAP) at UC-Irvine. There is also possibly no better time in history to major in innovative and powerful public health degrees than right now, and right here at UC-Irvine!" Read the whole story!

Professor Oladele Ogunseitan
Environmental Health, Science, & Policy

Also check out this article, Public Health Training in Europe

Fulfill Practicum Requirement and Upper Division Coursework on:

Best Requirements to Fulfill Abroad

  • Lower division major requirements
    • Statistics (Math 7, Stats 7, Bio 7)
      Public Health Science only:
    • Genetics (Bio Sci 97)
    • Organic Chemistry (Chem 51A)
    • Biochemistry (Bio Sci 98)
    • Molecular Biology (Bio Sci 99)
NOTE: Not all courses are available on each program listed below. Look at the course details for each program to know which courses are available.

Suggested Programs with
Lower Division Courses:
(courses in English)

Suggested Programs with
Upper Division Courses:

(courses in English)

Internship & Volunteer Abroad Programs

For more options see International Opportunities Program

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