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Strategy II
Year abroad taking upper division Core courses + breadth

Example: University of East Anglia, Norwich United Kingdom

( ) represents Breadth area and major area fulfilled





Physics 7A (II)

Physics 7B (II)

Physics 7D (II)

Physics 7A Lab

Physics 7B Lab

Physics 7D Lab

Math 2A

Math 2B

Math 2D

Writing 39B (I)

Writing 39C (I)

Humanities (IV)


Math 2E

Math 3A

Math 3D

Math 2J

ICS 21

Math 13

Humanities (IV)

Humanities (IV)

Multicultural Studies (VII-A)

Foreign Language 1A (VI)

Foreign Language 1B (VI)

Foreign Language 1C (VI)


Math 120A Math 121A Algebra Core course
Math 140A Math 140B Analysis Core course

Third Core Area

Fourth Core Area Additional Core course
Elective Elective Social & Beh. Science (III)


Year in the UK (Sept-May)*

Probability (Add'l Core)

Mathematical Logic (Add'l Core)

Differential Equations (Add'l Core)

Analysis and Algebra (Anal/Alg Core)

Mechanics and Modelling (Third Core)

History of Mathematics (Add'l Core)

Race and Racism in the United States (III)

Culture and Society (III)

Students automatically receive 2 Breadth VII-B for studying abroad for one year
* The EAP courses used in this Example have not yet been approved by the appropriate UCI Schools.

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