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Chicano/Latino Studies Majors Study Abroad


Why study Chicano/Latino
Studies abroad?
"Chicano/Latino Studies students should make time in their schedules to participate in EAP. Studying abroad, and particularly studying in the Mexico-U.S. Comparative Perspectives Program in Mexico City, offers CLS students the opportunity to study and to experience the roots of the migration experience which is central to understanding the contemporary Chicano/Latino experience.  Studying abroad ensures that students will be able to thrive in new and challenging environments.  As importantly, the EAP experience allows students to live abroad and make cross-national connections while progressing toward their UCI degrees."

-Professor Louis Desipio
Chicano/Latino Studies




Chicano/Latino Studies encourages majors to consider:


Students automatically receive 1 general education course for Cat. VIII for studying abroad for 1 quarter in any country.

Chicano/Latino Studies majors have the flexibility of choosing to study abroad for a year, semester, or summer during any year they are a student at UCI (freshman-senior). Check with your academic counselor for guidance.

Strategies for Chicano/Latino Studies Majors

Note: These are only a few strategies that demonstrate how a student can study abroad and graduate within 4 years. There are many EAP programs that can be substituted into the same strategies. DO NOT LET THESE EXAMPLES LIMIT YOU. Please consult the EAP Program Search for more options.
Semester abroad taking breadth requirements
Spring semester abroad taking upper division electives
Year abroad taking upper division electives and Spanish language in Mexico
Summer abroad fulfilling second year Spanish in Mexico
Fall semester abroad taking upper division electives in Mexico


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