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International Studies Majors Study Abroad



International Studies majors are required by their program to pursue "some form of international experience," and if possible, this should involve study abroad.  Indeed, the International Studies major easily accommodates studying abroad at a variety of times and in almost any country.

Click below for some suggested programs for International Studies majors:

International Studies (pdf)

Tips for I.S. Majors
  • Complete the Math/Stats requirement prior to studying abroad.
  • While abroad, consider taking upper division courses on subjects not offered at UCI.
  • Take courses with a socio-ecnomic, political, or historical focus relevant to global/international studies.
  • Take a course about the U.S. while abroad to experience foreign perspective on our country.
  • Take classes abroad in your region of specialization.
  • As part of your academic program, I.S. majors are encouraged to undertake credit-bearing research while abroad. Meet with a Study Abroad Advisor and an I.S. professor and/or an Honors advisor to make arrangements.
  • If you plan to graduate right after studying abroad, plan on graduating at least 1 quarter after you return due to the delay in receiving grades from universities abroad.

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