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Strategy II Semester abroad fulfilling lower/upper division history courses with a regional focus

Here is an Example of a history major studying abroad fulfilling lower and/or upper division major requirements with a regional focus.

Example: Chinese University of Hong Kong

( ) represents Breadth area fulfilled





Humanities Core 1A (I & IV)

Humanities Core 1B (I & IV)

Humanities Core 1C (I & IV)

Natural Science (II)

Natural Science (II)

Natural Science (II)

Foreign Language 1A (VI)

Foreign Language 1B (VI)

Foreign Language 1C (VI)


Social & Beh. Science (III)

Social & Beh. Science (III)

Social & Beh. Science (III)

Foreign Language 2A

Foreign Language 2B

Foreign Language 2C

Math (V)

Math (V)

Math (V)

History 70A

History 70B

History 70C (or D)


Fall in Hong Kong (Aug-Dec)*
Hong Kong's Ethnic Minorities (regional) Multicultural Studies (VII-A) Int'l/Global Issues (VII-B)
History of Trad Chinese Thought (regional) UD history (non regional/thematic) UD history (non regional/thematic)
History of Asian Cities (regional) Elective Elective
Shanghai and Hong Kong (regional) Elective Elective
Students automatically receive 1 Breadth VII-B for studying abroad


LD or UD history elective LD or UD history elective LD or UD history elective
Colloquium 190 Colloquium 190 Seminar 192
Elective Elective Elective
Elective Elective Elective
*The EAP courses used in this Example have not yet been approved by The School of Humanities.

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