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Global Cultures Study Abroad


"Especially for Global Cultures majors, a global (international) experience is truly essential. The world beyond Irvine has so much to offer. No matter where you go, you’ll be surrounded by local wit, warmth and energy. You’ll deepen your knowledge of the surrounding culture, and enjoy the youthful atmosphere of university settings abroad. From museums and architecture to music, cafes and pubs, studying abroad is an energizing adventure, and that eventually teaches you much more about YOUR OWN SELF than you ever imagined." Read more on this

Professor Armin Schwegler
Director, Global Cultures


Making EAP fit for Global Cultures Majors

Note: These are only a few strategies that demonstrate how a student can study abroad and graduate within 4 years. There are many EAP programs that can be substituted into the same strategies. DO NOT LET THESE EXAMPLES LIMIT YOU. Please consult the EAP Program Search for more options.

Special Note:
Perhaps more than any other UG program at UCI, the GLOBAL CULTURES MAJOR is flexible to the max when it comes to making courses count that you will take abroad!
Fall semester abroad taking upper division courses and electives
Year abroad taking upper division courses and electives



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