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Study Abroad in YOUR major



Why study abroad?

"There is so much more to life than the normal routines we all get caught up in. When you purposely put yourself in an uncomfortable position, a whole world opens up and opportunities appear left and right. This experience is truly [magical], exciting, and fun filled! The best part of the trip was meeting and learning from people all over the world. I was able to interact with British professors, meet international students, and live with different customs." -- UC student, United Kingdom

  • Get a new perspective on your field of study
  • Take a course that is not offered at UCI
  • Make your networking worldwide
  • Gain an edge in graduate school admissions
  • Learn (or improve) a new language
  • Business leaders seek employees with global skills

Finding a program for your major


  • There are many programs that offer courses for your major, in both English and another language. This means you CAN fulfill degree requirements while studying abroad!
  • Your major may be called something different when using a program search. You may have to search by similar majors or fields.
  • Create a tentative 4 year plan and speak with your academic counselor to get an idea of the best courses to take at UCI vs. abroad as well as when is the best time to go abroad.
  • Come to the Study Abroad Center for any assistance you need in finding a program that fits your major.

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