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Earth System Science Majors Study Abroad


Why study Earth System Science Abroad?

"The global atmosphere, ocean, and river systems interconnect our planet. Understanding humanity's influence on the environment is increasingly recognized as a task which requires international cooperation, coordination, and action. Studying the environment abroad will enhance your appreciation of diverse natural systems and how human interactions with them are related to cultural perspectives."

-Charles S. Zender
Professor of Earth System Science


Tips for Earth and Environmental Science Majors:  

Here are a few EAP programs that offer compatible courses:

- England: University of Sussex Summer
- Scotland: University of Edinburgh




- Earth System Science courses are available on many EAP programs.  Meet with the ESS EAP Faculty Liaison, Professor Charlie Zender, to determine a good option for you.

- In addition to classes, you are also encouraged to engage in research while abroad.  Meet with an ESS professor and EAP Advisor to make arrangements.


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