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Economics & Business Economics Majors Study Abroad


"Every student of economics should seriously consider participating in EAP. Studying abroad allows students to broaden their academic horizons. They learn about the field of economics from an international perspective, developing a deeper understanding not only of the implications of increasing globalization, but also of how differences in political, policy, and other institutions matter for economic outcomes."

Professor Michelle Garfinkel

(courses taught in English)

Programs with plenty of space for all qualified students:


Specialized programs requiring a strong academic record in economics and overall:





  • Do complete 100ABC before studying abroad
  • Do complete an entire core course series either abroad or at UCI
  • Do take courses that emphasize applications of theory to the host country
  • Do choose EAP courses with Economics content
  • Do follow the Academic Advising & Approval process for Social Sciences to ensure you obtain degree credit
  • Do consider going your junior or senior year after you have completed basic economics and math courses at UCI since many economics courses abroad require technical mathematics skills
  • Do consider fulfilling GE requirements abroad
  • Do consider fulfilling your language requirements abroad
  • Don't take a portion of the core course series at UCI and the other portions abroad
  • Don't take courses that emphasize abstract theory, since the content of these courses would be the same whether taught at UCI or a foreign university
  • Don't choose a program with solely business content
  • Don't assume you will obtain degree credit without consulting your school advisor






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