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Drama Majors Study Abroad


Why study Drama abroad?

"The experience of living in another country is invaluable for anyone living in the multi-cultural 21st century. Particularly so for the theater artist, whose job is to explore the nature of human relationships. The lure of excellence in the British theater tradition (from Shakespeare to the present-day contemporary London stage) makes Great Britain an obvious choice for the theater major, but don’t stop there! Living in any other culture broadens your perspective and understanding of the world at large. Throwing yourself into a foreign culture; the language, food, customs, architecture and history of another people, is a thrilling, challenging and life- altering experience. Experienced with an open heart and mind, the differences between us are endlessly engaging, and at the same time they make our common humanity profound."

Professor Annie Loui
Claire Trevor School of the Arts

Recommended Requirements to Fulfill Abroad

Best Time to Study Abroad

  • Upper division Dramatic Literature
  • Upper division Theory      
  • Specialized studio courses (approved on a case by case basis)
  • Technical theater courses

Take advantage of opportunities to practice and perform in academic and community theaters

Note: Drama 40ABC (Development of Drama) should be taken at UCI during the sophomore year.

  • Summer (Note: Financial aid is limited)
  • Fall quarter or a full year junior year (Note:  You will forgo opportunities to be cast in UCI shows during this period.)

Suggested Programs


  • Several UC campus summer abroad programs offer courses related to drama or theater.


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