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Criminology, Law, & Society Majors Study Abroad


Why study CLS abroad?

"All CLS majors can benefit from taking courses overseas and learning about the Society and legal system where they reside.  We all know that the best kind of learning is when you travel and get to know people in other parts of the world, because when you learn about them, you learn about how our Society functions and why.

For CLS students especially, you live for a while in a country that has a different legal system and various types of criminal behavior that contrast with our own.  There are enough programs and learning schedules in English to satisfy most students, and even more programs if you speak another language; it is also possible that your exposure to another language might start you on the road to learning that language.

Look into EAP and start planning now.  Double your educational advantage for your future!"

-James Diego Vigil
Professor of Criminology, Law, and Society

Making EAP Fit

To demonstrate how EAP can fit into your UCI experience, take a look at a few different strategies below that can help you conceptualize planning academically for study abroad. The School of Social Ecology will accept a maximum of 5 upper division courses toward the major from non UCI sources.

Click below for some suggested programs for Criminology, Law and Society majors:

Criminology, Law and Society (pdf)


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