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Classics Majors Study Abroad


Why study Classics abroad?


  "Study abroad is a natural fit for Classics and Classical Civilization majors and all of our students should take the time to enhance their academic experience by participating in an EAP or IOP program.
        It is one thing -- valuable, of course -- to read a speech of Cicero in the original Latin in a classroom here at UCI.  It is quite another to read that same text in Rome and then to visit and study the very site where Cicero delivered that speech. Studying the refinements of the Parthenon in situ helps it all make sense in a way that pictures or slides cannot. Such experiences add an entirely new dimension to one's academic discourse. I myself spent time in Greece as an undergraduate and graduate student and found both experiences fundamental to my academic growth and personal development. I learned to negotiate a new culture, made some lifelong friends, and discovered that my study of Classics had gained a depth that it would not have otherwise had."

Dr. Cynthia Claxton
Department of Classics


Top destinations for Classics majors!

- UC Center in Rome, Italy
- Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
- University of London, King's College, UK
- University of Manchester, UK
- College Year of Athens, Greece (IOP)


Making EAP fit for Classics Majors

Note: These are only a few strategies that demonstrate how a student can study abroad and graduate within 4 years. There are many EAP programs that can be substituted into the same strategies. DO NOT LET THESE EXAMPLES LIMIT YOU. Please consult the EAP Program Search for more options.
Classics Civilization major studying abroad for a semester taking upper division courses and electives
Classics major with a Latin concentration: Year abroad taking upper division language courses and electives



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