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Chemistry Majors Study Abroad


Why study Chemistry abroad?

"More and more, a person does not have a complete education unless he or she has some experience in how to live and work in several different countries. Advances in Science have always involved an international effort. While it is possible to perform many important international activities via the internet, there still is no substitute for a direct visit."

Kenneth C. Janda
Professor of Chemistry

According to the American Chemical Society:
  • Studying abroad can make you more attractive to graduate schools, particularly if you conduct research or learn another language while overseas
  • Conducting research in a new environment will enhance your laboratory skills and allow you to learn the chemical sciences from an international perspective
  • Science and technology are becoming increasingly global, and there is a growing demand for scientists and engineers who can work effectively in an international setting


Suggested UCEAP Programs

  • Chemistry course are available on many UCEAP programs.  Meet with the Chemistry EAP Faculty Liaison, Professor Rachel Martin, to determine a good option for you.
  • In addition to classes, Chemistry majors are encouraged to engage in research while abroad.  Meet with a Study Abroad Advisor and a Chemistry professor to make arrangements.

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