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Civil Engineering Majors Study Abroad


Why study Civil Engineering abroad?

"As a Civil Engineering student studying abroad, you will gain exposure to different modes of problem solving, leading toward different approaches to the design and implementation of civil engineering projects. In light of the increasing globalization of engineering practice, this acquired knowledge will likely be beneficial in your future engineering career. You will see the significance of US building codes and how these are implemented in other countries, as well as how the US adopts sections of engineering building codes from other countries. EAP programs often have more academic support staff to assist engineering professors with computing, wet/dry, and field labs, which leads toward more meaningful laboratory experiences. Not only will EAP be one of the most memorable times in your life, the international experience will open a world of engineering opportunities in your future."

Professor Michael McNally
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering



Top 10 destinations for Civil Engr!

- The University of New South Wales, Australia
- Monash University, Australia
- Hong Kong University of Science and Tech., Hong Kong
- University of Auckland, New Zealand
- University of Christchurch, New Zealand
- National University of Singapore, Singapore
- Middle East Technical University, Turkey
- University of Bristol, United Kingdom
- University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Making EAP Fit

Although the schedule of a Civil Engineering (CE) student is heavily impacted, students still have the opportunity to study abroad. Attempt to fulfill a portion of your specialization in Asia! Or fulfill basic math and Science courses in Europe... or vice versa! With proper planning, CE students can fulfill degree requirements and gain a unique international experience!


Strategies for Civil Engineering

Note: These are only a few strategies that demonstrate how a student can study abroad and graduate within 4 years. There are many EAP programs that can be substituted into the same strategies. DO NOT LET THESE EXAMPLES LIMIT YOU. Please consult the EAP Program Search for more options.
Summer abroad taking lower division basic Science courses at the Univ. of Sussex in England
Semester abroad taking math & Science courses + breadth at the Univ. College Utrecht in The Netherlands with the General Civil Engineering Specialization
Year abroad taking upper division degree requirements at the National Univ. of Singapore in Singapore with Specialization in Structural Engineering
Year abroad taking upper division degree requirements the at Univ. of Bristol in England with Specialization in Environmental Hydrology and Water Resources
Semester abroad taking upper division degree requirements at the Univ. of Edinburgh in Scotland with the General Civil Engineering Specialization
Year abroad taking upper division degree requirements at the Univ. of Monash in Australia with the Transportation Systems Engineering Specialization



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