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Arts Academic Advising & Approval


Be sure you have reviewed How to Get Credit before proceeding to the below steps



  • You are required to meet with an Academic Counselor in the Arts prior applying and complete the UCEAP Academic Planning Form: Arts. Be sure to bring course descriptions for the courses you may take on UCEAP. Once approved, submit the Academic Planning Form to the UCI Study Abroad Center with your UCEAP application.


  • Submit your completed Pre-Application to the UCI Study Abroad Center once you have chosen an IOP program. You will then receive details on the process for fulfilling UCI degree requirements, receiving credit and financial aid.  If at some point you find out the program does not fit your needs, you can complete a new Pre-Application for another program at that time.

UC Summer Abroad:

  • Meet with an Academic Counselor in the School of your major to determine the procedure to follow if you would like courses to fulfill UCI degree requirements.


  • If the courses you originally discussed with your Academic Counselor change, email an Academic Counselor to ask if other courses are likely to count toward degree requirements - attach course descriptions/syllabi.
  • Once your units are posted on your transcript, you may schedule an appointment with an Academic Counselor. You may have a petitioning process to follow in order to have the courses fulfill specific degree requirements. Be sure to save course syllabi, projects, assignments, papers and portfolios since it may be required in the petition process.
  • For students going abroad their senior year, usually you need to be certified for graduation at least one quarter after your return due to the time it takes for units to be posted to your UCI transcript. Please keep this in mind when applying for graduation.

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