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Art History Majors Study Abroad


Why study Art History Abroad?

"One wonderful consequence of the study of art history is that vivid images of particular paintings, sculptures, buildings and other art works become useful tools of daily life, intellectual growth, and poetic imagining. One of the best strategies for building your own individual ‘image bank’ is to experience these images in their social and cultural context. Go beyond our slide and powerpoint presentations, and visit these images at altars in Rome, galleries in London, gardens in Kyoto, tombs in Egypt, or excavation sites in Central Asia. Your personal encounters with works of art will take on rich new significance through the spaces you have to travel to see them firsthand. "

- Bert Winther-Tamaki
Associate Professor, Art History

Options for Art History Majors

Note: These are only a few strategies that demonstrate how a student can study abroad and graduate within 4 years. There are many EAP programs that can be substituted into the same strategies. DO NOT LET THESE EXAMPLES LIMIT YOU. Please consult the EAP Program Search for more options.

Click here for EAP program information on any of the below suggested programs.

Interested in art of indigenous peoples?

Consider studying in Australia, Canada, Mexico, or New Zealand.

Interested in Asian art?

Art History classes are available in English in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, and Korea. UCEAP programs also available in China & Japan and require previous language study.

Interested in African art?

Ghana and South Africa are good choices to study African Art.

Interested in Latin American art?

If you have finished 2 years of Spanish, any of EAP's Latin America programs would be good options for you.

Interested in Western art?

To study Art History in English in Europe, Rome, Italy; the Netherlands, or the United Kingdom.

If you have completed 2 years of foreign language and want to study art history in a foreign language, consider studying in France, Italy or Spain.

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